Syakuhachi Artist Kunihiro Hashimoto


1958 Born in 1958 @ Iwakuni city ,Yamaguchi Prefecture. -
1959 Kitakyushu city , Fukuoka Prefecture
Started playing Shakuhatchi from early childhood.
1982 Winner Shakuhatchi all Japan Championship contest. -
1985 Winner Shakuhatchi all Japan Championship contest. -
2001 Began " Minyou Hashimoto Kai" ; Japanese folk song team. -
2002 Started performing as a professional Shakuhatchi player
Began adding an array of instruments to his repertoire ,such as the the Tsugaru Samisen, Taiko, and Koto, well western instruments like the piano, and various percussion to his original world of solo concerts.
2006 Performed " Oto Yasuragi no Sekai" concert throughout Japan. -
2007 Performed on Kobe Sun TV show :"Uta ni Kanpai Yumesansan".
Played Shakuhatchi and Shinobue for "Kiseikai" of the Miyasaka style school of Japanese folk singing. Winner of the Minyou all Japan championship concert.
@Hyogo Prefecture

@Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
2008 Performed on Radio FM Kitakyushu "Seishun no Uta" show. @ Fukuoka Prefecture
2010 Performed "Wa no Hibiki" concert @ Shiidamachi Koma-re. @ Fukuoka Prefecture
2011 Performed "Tsubaki Masanori concert" @ Tsubaki festival in Tokyo Askusa ko-kaidou; Performing with Masanori Tsubaki , the top Tsugaru Samisen player in Japan.
Started solo live concert : " Yume Syakuhatchi", created to inspire calm moments by means of playing to the accompaniment of guitar , and intersting talking.
@ Tokyo Asakusa Public Hall
2012 Performed in "International solo puchinist Kiraku concert". @ Kiryu city culture hall; Gunma Prefecture


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